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(a) Approval Procedure. Those foster care and detention facilities which comply with the standards and rules adopted pursuant to LVPTC 10.100.020 shall be approved by the Juvenile Court, following investigation by the designated social services agency and recommendation for approval. Facilities which do not meet the standards and requirements of LVPTC 10.100.020 shall not be approved.

(b) Inspection Prior to Approval. Prior to approval, custody and detention facilities may be required to allow inspection by the designated social services agency, to permit that agency to make its recommendation to the Juvenile Court.

(c) Annual Review of Approval. The Juvenile Court shall reconsider the approval of each facility at least once a year, and shall reapprove only those facilities which continue to meet the requirements established pursuant to LVPTC 10.100.020, and which are recommended for reapproval by the designated social services agency.

(d) Records of Approval or Disapproval. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this title, all records and proceedings of the Juvenile Court relating to approval or disapproval of custody and detention facilities shall be open and public.

Comment: This section is in its original adopted version.

[Res. 10-27-77B, 1977. Prior Code § 10-100-030.]