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(a) All net profits derived from the operation of a tobacco outlet shall be the property of the Tribe. These profits, as well as the excise tax revenues collected pursuant to LVPTC 11.10.060, shall be used for the benefit of the Colony and Tribal community.

(b) All excise tax revenues shall be appropriated to provide Tribal governmental services, induding but not limited to:

(1) Police and fire protection;

(2) Establishment of Tribal courts;

(3) Bond construction, repair and maintenance;

(4) Water, sewage, and garbage disposal;

(5) Education of children;

(6) Public health;

(7) Development of Tribal enterprises which employ Tribal members;

(8) Public recreation; and

(9) Other essential Tribal services.

(c) Net profits may be appropriated by the Tribal Council for governmental services or for any other purpose consistent with the promotion of the Tribe’s interests, such as investment purposes.

Comment: This section is in its original adopted version.

[Res. 10-27-77B, 1977. Prior Code § 11-10-110.]