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(a) A manager shall be directly responsible to the Tribal Council for the efficient and profitable operation of a tobacco outlet.

(b) Subject to the final approval of the Tribal Council, a manager shall have the authority to employ such persons as he deems necessary to efficiently operate a tobacco outlet.

(c) Without the express written consent of the Council, a manager shall not be authorized to waive the sovereign immunity of the Tribe from suit, nor shall such manager be authorized to create any liability on behalf of the Tribe or to utilize Tribal credit. Any such written consent by the Tribal Council shall specify in detail the scope of a manager’s authority. Any such authority shall be limited in duration and in scope to the maximum possible extent. Any action taken by a manager pursuant to authority derived under this section shall be in writing, shall be an express term of the transaction at hand, and shall be limited to that transaction. Whenever, possible, the Tribal Council shall approve in final form the language of such provision.

(d) As remuneration for operating and managing a tobacco outlet, a manager shall be entitled to a reasonable salary as fixed by the Tribal Council.

Comment: This section is in its original adopted version.

[Res. 10-27-77B, 1977. Prior Code § 11-10-120.]