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All such obligations shall be payable solely from revenues, income, receipts and profits derived by the SMRF Authority from projects operated by it whether or not such projects were financed in whole or in part with the proceeds of such obligations; from the proceeds of evidences of indebtedness issued and sold by the SMRF Authority which are payable solely from any of such revenues, income, receipts and profits; or from federal or state grants or other money received by the SMRF Authority which are available therefor. The SMRF Authority may further secure such obligations with any assets of the SMRF Authority as the SMRF Authority may specifically pledge to the payment of the obligations.

Comment: Created in its entirety pursuant to Resolution No. 93-025, dated November 30, 1993, which adopted a three-point government plan providing for the creation of an instrumentality of the Tribe to finance, develop and operate the Snow Mountain Reservation golf course project.

[Res. 94-034, 1994; Res. 93-025, 1993. Prior Code § 16-40-15.]