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In connection with the issuance of any such obligation, the SMRF Authority has the limited authority to consent to be sued in accordance with and subject to LVPTC 17.50.020, but only within the following restrictions:

(a) Any such consent may only be in order to permit an action to enforce the terms of an obligation of the SMRF Authority; and

(b) In connection with any such action, the SMRF Authority may consent to the jurisdiction of any court of the United States of America or any state of competent jurisdiction; and

(c) Any consent must be given only with the express restriction and understanding that the SMRF Authority is without power to waive the sovereign immunity of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, to consent to the jurisdiction of any court over the Tribe, or to the levy of any judgment, lien or attachment upon any property or income of the SMRF Authority, the Tribe or any other organization or instrumentality of the Tribe other than that specifically pledged pursuant to this chapter.

Comment: Created in its entirety pursuant to Resolution No. 93-025, dated November 30, 1993, which adopted a three-point government plan providing for the creation of an instrumentality of the Tribe to finance, develop and operate the Snow Mountain Reservation golf course project.

[Res. 94-034, 1994; Res. 93-025, 1993. Prior Code § 16-40-30.]