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In cases involving immediate danger to the life, health, welfare, security, or property of the Tribe or any of its members, or where any delay would result in irreparable damage, a judge of the court may, by written order, authorize any peace officer to remove a nonmember or any of his/her property from Las Vegas Paiute Tribal lands, either before or after the person has been ordered excluded or expelled from Las Vegas Paiute Tribal lands as provided in LVPTC 20.10.070. The peace officer executing such emergency removal order shall use only much force as deemed necessary by the peace officer to effect the removal. If service of the notice of proposed expulsion or exclusion has not already been made as provided for in LVPTC 20.10.040, the court shall cause the peace officer to serve the notice upon the person at the time of removal or as soon after removal as possible. [Res. 06-010, 2006. Prior Code § 17-90.]