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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 19-009 Amends Chapter 19-10 [Chapter 14.160], regulation of marijuana delivery 6/3/2019 Codified
Res. 18-011 Amends § 5-70-100(b) [5.70.100(b)], controlled substances offenses 11/6/2018 Codified
Res. 17-019 Amends cannabis authority regulations 9/11/2017 Codified
Res. 17-011 Adopts Title 19A [Title 14, Div. III], regulation and taxation of recreational marijuana 6/26/2017 Codified
Res. 17-001 Amends §§ 5-70-070 [5.70.070], 5-70-100(b) through (e) [5.70.100(b) through (e)], 5-70-110 [5.70.110], 7-70-010 [7.70.010], 7-70-020 [7.70.020] and 7-70-030 [7.70.030], code of criminal offenses and traffic offenses 1/10/2017 Codified
Res. 16-005 Adopts medical marijuana control regulations 4/11/2016 Codified
Res. 16-004 Adopts cannabis authority regulations 4/11/2016 Codified
Res. 09-016 Snow Mountain electrical facilities 12/2/2009 Codified
Res. 06-010 Trespass, exclusion and expulsion 9/6/2006 Codified
Res. 04-013 Bail schedule 5/11/2004 Codified
Res. 04-002 Arrests, summons, and citations 1/13/2004 Codified
Res. 03-013 Offenses against public order and decency 8/12/2003 Codified
Res. 98-025 Punishment of traffic offenders 11/3/1998 Codified
Res. 95-039 Tribal gaming tax code 11/28/1995 Codified
Res. 95-028 Law to be applied by the tribal court; judges of the tribal court 6/27/1995 Codified
Res. 95-025 Law to be applied by the tribal court 6/27/1995 Codified
Res. 95-012 Liquor code; findings and purpose; definitions; sales, distribution, possession, consumption; penalties; abatement of continuing violations; severability and effective date 2/21/1995 Codified
Res. 95-007 Punishment of traffic offenders 1/17/1995 Codified
Res. 95-006 Procedure before trial 1/17/1995 Codified
Res. 95 Law to be applied by the tribal court; membership; membership and enrollment committee; sales and use taxes; use tax 1995 Codified
Res. 94-039 Law to be applied by the tribal court; procedure after a verdict or after trial; classes of offenses and sentences 10/18/1994 Codified
Res. 94-034 Snow Mountain recreational facilities authority 9/27/1994 Codified
Res. 94-032 Animals 9/6/1994 Codified
Res. 94-023 Sales and use taxes 7/12/1994 Codified
Res. 94-022 Jurisdiction; duties imposed by this title; enforcement procedures; trial of traffic offenders; punishment of traffic offenders; traffic offenses; other traffic-related offenses; driver licensing; registration of vehicles; off-road vehicles; bicycles; civil remedial forfeiture; authorization and definitions; application; general provisions; civil remedial money penalties; civil remedial forfeiture of property 7/5/1994 Codified